Does MATRIX Accounting & Tax Inc. provide a guarantee?.

We stand behind our work. We don’t want the IRS contacting you regarding mistakes, errors or omissions. We strive to make sure that your tax returns are complete and accurate and that your bookkeeping exceeds the requirements for today’s record keeping. In the event we do make an error, we pay the penalty and interest. By law, the tax is always the taxpayers responsiblity. I am an Enrolled Agent licensed to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service. Rest assured that our goal is to insure your return is prepared accurately and quickly. We provide Electronic filing of all forms accepted by the IRS.

What are your fees based on?

Our fees are based on hourly time. We pride ourselves in being thorough and accurate while saving you money. Research is never billed to the client regardless of the amount of time it takes to obtain a up-to-date and accurate answer. We don’t feel it’s the clients responsibility to pay for our education. We specialize in the small business and know that big accounting fees cut into your profit. There are never any additional fees for e-filing.

Why should I hire a bookkeeping service?

We feel if you let us do what we are trained to do, it leaves you with more time to focus on what you are trained to do best. We are always up-to-date on the latest record requirements and tax laws to make sure you are in full compliance.

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